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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program

GBSB University: Program Outline

  • What programs are included in the GBSB University/IIHEM Joint Academic Programs?

    Three programs are included:

    • Semester Abroad Program:
      • Allows IIHEM students to spend one semester at GBSB GLOBAL.
    • Bachelor Transfer's Program:
      • Allows undergraduate students to start their studies at IIHEM and complete their Bachelor's degree at GBSB Global.
      • Credits earned at IIHEM are transferred to GBSB GLOBAL.
    • Direct Entrance Master's Program:
      • Allows students to enter the GBSB GLOBAL Master's program after three or four years of study at IIHEM.

Who is eligible to apply to these programs?

  • Semester Abroad Program: Qualified IIHEM students who have successfully completed at least three semesters of academic study and are enrolled either in the third or fourth year at IIHEM.
  • Bachelor's Transfer Program.: Qualified IIHEM students enrolled in BAC+3 who have successfully completed at least four semesters of academic study.
  • Direct Entrance Master's Program: Qualified IIHEM students enrolled in BAC +3 or BAC+5 who have successfully completed three or four years of academic study.

Students applying to these programs must have a minimal GPA of 3.0

What degrees do these programs lead to?

Upon successful completion of the Program, enrolled students will receive

  • Semester Abroad Program: This program is not a degree program. Courses taken at GBSB GLOBAL will be transferred to equivalent courses at IIHEM.
  • Bachelor's Transfer Program.: Students are awarded by official GBSB GLOBAL degree. Bachelor of Business Administration (in one of the eight specializations)
    • Marketing
    • PR and Communication
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Management
    • Digital Business
    • Fashion and Luxury Business
    • Finance (ACCA)
    • Sport Management
  • Direct Entrance Master's Program: Students are awarded by official GBSB GLOBAL degree. Master's degree in one of
    • MBA in Marketing Management, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Finance.
    • MSc in Marketing, Digital Marketing, Digital Business, Finance, Financial Management, Digital Banking and Internet Finance, International Business Management, Operations and Supply Chain Management and Entrepreneurship.
    • MA in Fashion and Luxury Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Business Innovation, Communication and Future Marketing.

Are these programs accredited?


  • IIHEM diplomas are accredited by the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education,
  • GBSB Global is the only business school in Spain with an international accreditation from ASIC (Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities),
  • Several Master programs at GBSB Global are accredited by ECBE (European Council for Business Education),
  • GBSB Global is a member and candidate for accreditation with ACBSP (Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs),
  • It is also the only ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) official learning provider and testing center in Spain.
  • Additionally, GBSB Global is recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Showcase School.

How is the program delivered?

  • Semester Abroad Program: Students must have completed three academic semesters at IIHEM. Students in their second, third or fourth year can be enrolled in this non-degree program.
  • Bachelor's Transfer Program: The first two years of the academic undergraduate program are delivered on the IIHEM campus by IIHEM professors and the remaining one year of the undergraduate program is delivered by GBSB Global professors in Spain.
  • Direct Entrance Master's Program: A student who has completed three or four years at IIHEM can apply to complete in one year the Master's program at GBSB Global.

There is a possibility of an optional internship in all programs.

Will I be able to transfer credits from IIHEM to GBSB Global?

  • Bachelor's Transfer Program: Students may transfer up to 60 IIHEM credits.

Do I get the same GBSB Global diploma as the one given to graduates from the GBSB Global campus?


Once I complete my degree, can I take part in the graduation ceremony at GBSB Global?


Can I do more of my program at GBSB Global?

Yes, within the general framework. You can do this through a transfer. You will however pay GBSB Global tuition whenever you are on the GBSB Global campus.