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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program

GBSB University: Key facts and Deadlines

  • When are the application deadlines?

    Application deadlines for the different semesters are as follows:

    • Fall Quarter: July 1, 2018
    • Winter Quarter: November 1, 2019
    • Spring Quarter: January 1, 2019
  • When do the semesters start?

    • The Fall Semester starts in October (GBSB GLOBAL).
    • Winter Quarter Semester starts in January (GBSB GLOBAL).
    • Spring Quarter Semester starts in April (GBSB GLOBAL).
  • How long are the GBSB Global Master's programs?

    1 year of study.

  • How many credits are in each program?

    • Semester Abroad Program: At least 15 credits (five courses) are to be taken per semester.
    • Bachelor's Transfer Program: A total of 90 credits, 60 of which are taken at IIHEM and 30 at GBSB GLOBAL.
    • Direct Entrance Master's Program: A total of 30 credits are to be taken at GBSB GLOBAL.
  • What is required to graduate?

    • Bachelor's Transfer Program: 90 credits are required to complete the Bachelor's Program. 60 credits are taken at IIHEM and 30 credits at GBSB GLOBAL. The students should write and defend a Bachelor's Dissertation.
    • Direct Entrance Master's Program: 30 credits at GBSB GLOBAL.

    To get a degree from GBSB GLOBAL the average grade is 70% or above.

  • What is the course load per semester for full-time students?

    The standard workload is 20 hours of study per week.

  • What are class hours?

    Undergraduate and fourth year classes at IIHEM are taught during the day. All classes at GBSB GLOBAL are taught either during the day or evening.

  • Can I work and attend the program part time?

    No, you cannot do the program part time as a student's visa requires weekly attendance and full time studies.

    However, according to Spanish regulations all foreigner students can do a paid internship while studying or work up to four hours per day. Additionally, a recent law, which came into force in September 2018, allows all foreigner graduates from Spanish universities to obtain a work permit after graduation providing they find a suitable job.