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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program

Solbridge International School of Business,
Daejeon, South Korea

Application Deadlines

Semester Abroad and Degree Programs 2019:

Solbridge International School of Business, Daejeon, South Korea

Solbridge International School of Business is a private AACSB accredited business school in Daejeon, South Korea, established by Woosong University in March 2007. The school business program focuses on finance, logistics, marketing and technology transfer.

SolBridge International School of Business awards both undergraduate major in business (BBA) and graduate program in MS and MBA degrees. Solbridge degrees are accredited by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) and IEQAS (International Education Quality Assurance System).

Joint Academic Programs:

  • Semester Abroad Program:
    • Study for one semester or one year at Solbridge.
    Bachelor's Transfer Program
    • Study for two years at IIHEM and two years at Solbridge to complete the Bachelor's degree at Solbridge
    Master's Transfer Program:
    • Study for four years at IIHEM and one year at Solbridge to get MBA (two years of work experience required) and MS degree from Solbridge.

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