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I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program

Kadir Has University,
Istanbul, Turkey

Application Deadlines

Semester Abroad and Degree Programs 2019:

Kadir Has University: Program Outline

  • What programs are included in the Kadir Has University/IIHEM Joint Academic Programs?

    • Semester Abroad Program: Allows IIHEM students to spend a semester, extensible to a year, at Kadir Has University.

    Who is eligible to apply to these programs?

    • Semester Abroad Program: Qualified IIHEM students who have successfully completed at least three semesters of academic study and are enrolled either in the third or fourth year at IIHEM.

    Students applying to these programs must have a minimal GPA of 3.0.

    What degrees do these programs lead to?

    • Semester Abroad Program: This program is not a degree program. Courses taken at Kadir Has will be transferred to equivalent courses at IIHEM.

    Are these programs accredited?


    IIHEM diplomas are accredited and "Recognized Equivalent" by the Moroccan Ministry. Kadir Has degrees are accredited by YÖK - YüksekögretimKurulu (YÖK –Turkish Council of Higher Education).

    How is the program delivered?

    • Semester Abroad Program: Students must have completed three academic semesters at IIHEM. Students in their third or fourth year can be enrolled in this non-degree program.

    Can I do more of my program at Kadir Has University?

    Yes, within the general framework. You can do this through a transfer. You will however pay Kadir Has tuition whenever you are on the Kadir Has University campus