Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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American Business School of Paris: Overview

  • What is ABS Paris?

    The American Business School of Paris (ABS Paris) is an undergraduate and graduate level business school affiliated with a number of American educational institutions The ABS Paris programs are international in scope and are open to students from around the world who seek to add an international dimension to their business studies.

    The ABS Paris programs are comprehensive in nature and offer a varied curriculum that enables students to fulfill requirements in both business and non-business fields. At ABS Paris, all courses are taught in English by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Based on the American model of higher education, ABS Paris students benefit from the quality of an American business education in a diverse, multicultural and international setting.

  • Where is ABS Paris located?

    Located in France's capital city, The American Business School of Paris is located on the Parodi campus in Paris's 10th arrondissement. This unique location gives you the privilege of developing intellectually amidst a stimulating multicultural environment!