Tuesday, July 23, 2024
I.I.H.E.M International Incoming Programs

International Incoming Students

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Director of International Program

Mrs. Kalra Anubha


  • Do our universities need to be partners to apply to IIHEM?

    No, students from non-partner universities can also apply by paying tuition fees to IIHEM.

  • What is the tuition fee for semester abroad program?

    The tuition fees per semester are $2,765 for undergraduate student and $3,645 for graduate student. It is only applicable if it is stated in partnership agreement. Students are advised to discuss it with their international exchange department

  • What is the tuition fee for degree programs?

    Please visit Tuition fees for further information.

  • What is the tuition fee for IMIS program?

    Please visit the costs section in www.imis.iihem.ma web site.

  • How do I choose my courses?

    Please visit the School of Business Administration web site section to choose your courses.

  • Where can I find the application form?

    To download the application form of your interest, please click on application forms links.