Friday, March 1, 2024
I.I.H.E.M Study Abroad Program


The objective of your study abroad must be determined. In other words, you must clearly make a plan of where you want to go and what exactly you want to study. Once you have decided to study abroad, you must seek out a program that is both interesting to you and consistent with your major at IIHEM. After you have decided on a location or school, you must specifically confirm that the institutions course offerings fit within your major and within the IIHEM structure for graduation requirements. While there is some flexibility, you must decide your objectives and confirm the details with both institutions.

After you have chosen a school, defined your goals, and confirmed that it is possible, you must apply to the other school. Follow the institutions application process as described on its website. Pay attention to details and ask the IIHEM administration for help if necessary. Remember to pay attention to specific requirements, such as application fees, photos, letters of recommendation, and deadlines. You should confirm any extra costs or additional fees, such as books, housing, meal plans, insurance policies, etc. Of course, you must coordinate semester Begin and End dates at both IIHEM and the other institution.

Most students plan their study abroad to occur during their third year at IIHEM. While a study abroad can occur either before or after the third year, the best plan is to arrange for it during your fifth or sixth semester. Because it can take a few months to choose a program, fill out applications, deal with paperwork and the visa process, and arrange details in the foreign country, you must begin preparing for your study abroad as early as possible. Also, remember the importance of talking to your family in advance about this unique opportunity. You should stress that a study abroad is an investment in your future and adds something special to your CV and life experience. It will give you a better perspective of globalization, marketing, management, etc. Interacting with foreign students and professors in another country is a wise choice and smart investment in the context of your IIHEM education.