Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Welcome to IIHEM

“Le système de formation nord-américain adopté par l’IIHEM se distingue des autres écoles et offre aux étudiants une grande flexibilité.” Amina & Radia Saadaoui, IIHEM Laureates - 2010

IIHEM Mission

The International Institute for Higher Education is a private degree granting institution for higher education in the areas of management, science and technology. The Institute currently offers programs in management science, engineering and computer information systems.

The Institute's central purpose is teaching and applied research and development. It pursues this purpose by offering a learning environment that meets, in method, content and quality, the best international standards of education, and in particular those that have been successfully developed and applied by North American universities. Through its activities the Institute contributes to the transfer and appropriate application of modern technological systems and management methods.

Education at IIHEM goes beyond the acquisition of functional skills in a particular area. It is focused on cultivating diverse learning skills that allow its students to become lifetime learners. It seeks to develop the critical thinking necessary to responsibly apply acquired skills in new environments and to new challenges. Problem solving abilities are honed through the development of a deep understanding of theoretical foundations coupled with extensive experience in practical applications. The Institute promotes creativity and entrepreneurship as key elements of value creation and societal development.

In recognition of the increasing interdependence between nations and cultures, education at IIHEM is both multi-cultural and multi-lingual. Students develop their language skills in Arabic, French and English and interact during their course of study with different aspects of Arab, European and North American cultures. The IIHEM community of students, faculty of staff, coming from different countries around the world, creates a learning environment that encourages diversity of views and tolerance of differences. Conscious of the importance of academic exchange to its mission, IIHEM actively seeks to promote university exchange with reputable institutions of higher learning from Morocco and abroad.

IIHEM graduates are competent professionals who are capable of using, applying and developing the latest methods of management and technology, allowing them to successfully work in Morocco and abroad with colleagues from different nationalities. They are productive and responsible citizens, with a high standard of personal integrity and ethical values, who are conscious of the impact of their work on the community and the environment. Capable of taking decisions and ready to assume a leadership role in society, they are tolerant of others and value the advantages that diversity can bring to their work and to their community.