Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Welcome to IIHEM

“Le système de formation nord-américain adopté par l’IIHEM se distingue des autres écoles et offre aux étudiants une grande flexibilité.” Amina & Radia Saadaoui, IIHEM Laureates - 2010

The Campus

Founded in 1988, the International Institute for Higher Education is a young institution dedicated to providing a modern learning environment based on cutting-edge facilities and technologies. It has developed a long-term development plan for the continual enhancement and upgrading of its physical plant and technological infrastructure.

The IIHEM campus is a pleasant urban site located in one of the prime residential areas of Rabat that is easily accessible from all parts of the city. Situated in a 13,000 m2 area with over 7,500 m2 of built space in three stories, the campus offers spacious classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment. A computer local area network links latest-generation computers in a campus network that is itself connected to a high-speed Internet link, allowing immediate communication from any part of the campus to local and international links.

Information technology is considered to be a key resource at the Institute and is given a high priority in student courses, laboratories, student activities, as well as in the management of the Institute itself. A professional team of computer specialists maintains the large park of information technology equipment, advises students and faculty on its use and develops the necessary tools to manage the Institute in a modern and efficient manner.

The Institute maintains a large central library with a spacious reading room and an important and growing collection of books, journals and reference works in various fields. Students find in this library copies of the primary material for their courses, as well as extensive support materials. General readings are also maintained to encourage students to broaden their understanding of their field and the world they live in.

Student services at the Institute include a cafeteria with hot meals, sandwiches and cold drinks, and sports grounds for basketball, volleyball and mini-football. A bus service is available to provide transportation to and from the Institute.