Monday, June 18, 2018
International Exchange Programs

This system has given me the right business attitude and the will to always excel in everything I do. It provided me with the skills and competencies to successfully pursue an MBA in relationship marketing at a great American university. Ahmed Salemi, IIHEM Laureate - 1999
Managing Director Vendreplus (

Why Study Abroad

Experiencing a study abroad is an invaluable way to mature as a student and as a young professional. You will improve your language skills, cultural knowledge, motivation, and maturity. The reason is simple: A study abroad is always a unique life experience with special challenges that will widen your perspective and sharpen your intellect. Studying abroad will change you!

Your study abroad will make you more appealing both to employers and to Graduate Programs. Remember that employers are searching for candidates who have faced challenges, traveled, and lived in other linguistic settings. When your CV lists a semester in the United States or South Korea, employers will take notice!

Studying abroad means spending a period of time away from things familiar to you, such as your family, your friends, IIHEM, and your culture. Studying abroad will give you a true sense of independence that will help you as a young professional when facing the challenges of a new work environment.

Why not?
Besides the above reasons, it is simply a question of, Why not? Why not try something new? Why not take courses at another school? Why not use your English skills on a serious day-to-day basis? Why not see the world? Why not Be Global?!?!